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LINEV Systems US, Inc. is a global leader in innovation, development, and manufacturing of detection and security screening technologies used for the protection of people and assets, prioritizing safety, security, and freedom of movement in today’s world.

LINEV Systems US, Inc. commits 24/7/365 to help people live a safe and secure life.

We work with and support customers in a wide range of markets including corrections, aviation, ports & borders, defense, and commercial security, providing complete solutions that address existing and emerging threats.

We deliver solutions that protect people and property from explosives, weapons, contraband, and narcotic threats.

LINEV Systems US, Inc. reputation is embodied by extensive experience, innovative design, and superior technology with a strong track record of success making the world a safer place.


Combining innovative threat detection technologies with intelligent and flexible system designs, LINEV Systems US, Inc. full-body screening and inspection systems boosted with Artificial intelligence provide exceptional automated processing, threat recognition, and throughput rates. LINEV Systems US, Inc. X-ray technology safeguards people, airports, vehicles, ships, and the flow of goods, state boundaries, critical infrastructure, and mass ventures against present-day threats such as terrorism and illegal guns and drugs trafficking.