FOBOS XR (Forensic Body Scanner) is a stationary diagnostic digital radiology forensic system.

The system is designed to acquire whole-body digital X-Ray images of bone structures and soft tissues. The system allows capturing of both AP and lateral scans.

FOBOS XR is a task-oriented system designed to be used in morgues and forensic centers.

Forensic Body Scanner

The use of direct photon-counting detectors with TDS mode allows:

  • Remove background noise to help improve image quality.
  • Take linear dependency of the signal level on the intensity of X-Ray
    radiation. The detailed technical specification is provided in section 7.5
    Image quality.
  • Penetration possibility by Al – min.300 mm, and by H2O 800 mm.
  • Contrast sensitivity – min. 1,2 %.
  • Limit resolution – up to 5,0 line per mm.
  • Possibility of usage of different binning modes (from 1x1 up to 8x8).
    Detector type Photon counting line detector Pixel size 100 µm MTF 80 %
    @ 2 lp/mm, 45 % @ 5lp/mm



FOBOS XR uses an integrated high voltage generator, X-ray tube, control electronics, and heat radiator. X-ray tubes do not have any rotating parts, a difference of conventional high voltage generators and X-ray Tube Setup; this helps significantly increase the reliability and extend the lifespan of the whole system. In addition, the X-Ray tube works on the high anode
voltage (200 kV) that provides high penetrating power in the study of large bodies.


The adjustable x-ray cart is designed to operate with up to 750 lbs body weight and possesses a high level of reliability.
The significant width of the x-ray cart helps the operator to deal with the big-size bodies. The x-ray tabletop is made of translucent carbon-fiber material with no artifacts visible on the images. The cart is equipped with the 120 mm-stroke
lifting mechanism and wheels to assist the loading and transporting from storage locations.


  • Automatic acquisition of full-body overview images without moving or touching the body.
  • Motorized drives
  • Radiation protection cabin
  • Oblique views - AP scan (0%) and Lateral scan (90%).
  • Extremely High X-ray Image- resolution of the image is 2,5-line pairs per mm.
  • High penetration capability bodies (up to 550 lbs).
  • Low maintenance costs


  • Auto acquisition full-body images reduce time by as much as 80%.
  • The better resolution provides faster and more accurate exams.
  • No more readjusting the body with a multi-angle scan range
  • Adani patented shutter design allows a greater number of exposures, reduces services costs.


To view the FOBOS XR video click over the image


  • Entry/exit rollers of various length
  • Operator's desk
  • Set of test objects
  • Two monitors functionality
  • Touchscreen operation
  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • Additional examining tables
  • X-ray protective cabin