Mobile X-ray inspection system DTP 6000LVM is designed to scan vehicles and containers to provide x-ray images so that the transported goods and constructional units of the inspected vehicle/container can be examined. X-ray scanner DTP 6000LVM inspects driving through vehicles and those without driver while moving along the vehicle. Objects that can be examined/inspected include trucks with trailers or semi-trailers, articulated trucks and container vehicles with freights that have an absorption characteristic equivalent to up to 320 mm of steel. The scanner can perform without the need for unpacking or unloading, determining the conformance of the examined object’s contents and accompanying forms to discover undeclared goods, contraband (including arms and drugs), and hiding places and secret enclosures. The X-ray images are received and analyzed through software from automated workstation (AWS). The system has automatic colour-coding for the separation of materials, meaning that organic, non-organic and metal materials can be distinguished. This feature helps the operator discriminate dangerous objects from other materials.

Multiple scanning modes;
High-quality X-ray images;
Dual energy imaging;
High throughput.
Automatic license plate recognition system (ANPR);
Automatic container code recognition system (ACCR);
Infrared access limiting barriers;
UPS system;
Radiation portal;
Weather package from -30 °С to +55 °С;
Wi-Fi network.