DTP 7500LV

DTP 7500LV X-ray vehicle scanner is a portal X-ray inspection system designed for scanning the loaded trucks, loaded vehicles, containers, large-scale cargo and air cargos. For this system, a dual-energy technology for material discrimination on their atomic number is applied. The system allows a non-destructive inspection of cargo transport vehicles and containers, as well as to identify the transported cargo and smuggling in vehicle compartments and behind vehicle upholstery and flooring without their removal.


  • Innovative drive-thru scanning technology.
  • Small Footprint – The controlled area does not exceed 40m x 30m.
  • Portable & Fast Set-Up – Installed and start its operation within 2-3 days by two or three operators.
  • Radiation safe for drivers, operators and bystanders


  • Drive-through technology provides fast inspection and minimization of negative impact on the traffic flow.
  • Hardware flexibility allows the system to be used as a covert solution
  • Software integration capability
  • Multi screen and remote viewing compatible


  • Weather package -30°C …+55°C
  • Automatic license plate recognition (ANPR) system
  • Automatic container code recognition (ACCR) system
  • Module for operator
  • Radiation monitor
  • Diesel generator
  • Remote AWS for image analysis.