The DTP 200LV vehicle scanning system can take an X-ray of a car and detect and highlight different dangerous items hidden inside passenger vehicles and vans, such as explosives, bombs, currency, drugs, arms, cigarettes, alcohol and other types of smuggled goods.


  • High detection of illegal human trafficking
  • High detection dangerous, forbidden objects hidden inside passenger vehicles and vans
  • High-throughput screening gateway; can scan up to 120 vehicles per hour
  • Low radiation that allows passengers to remain in their vehicles during the inspection


  • Drive-through technology provides fast inspection and minimization of negative impact on the traffic flow.


  • Weather package -30°C …+55°C
  • Automatic number plate
  • Integrated driver identification camera
  • Remote AWS for image analysis
  • Operator cabin.
  • Infrared access limiting barriers
  • UPS for scanning system
  • Radiation monitor