CONPASS SMART DV is patented full-body, dual view, x-ray scanner that provides a detailed examination of suspected persons holding of illegal contraband. This Dual View technology provides a second view exclusively targeting on the deep cavity torso area. Designed uses include airports, correctional facilities, border terminals and government buildings.


  • Detects narcotics, weapons, explosives, electronic & cellular devices, and ceramic and non-ceramic knives
  • Two separate x-ray generators that provide independent inspection areas
  • Meets ANSI 43.17.2009 standard.
  • 6 Second Scan


  • Best in Class – High medical quality of images of the body using low dose radiation
  • HD Detectors for both views
  • DruGuard 3 – Proprietary Software that Automatically detects ingested narcotics
  • 4- Modular Design for Fast Installment
  • 5 Second Scan-time; Fast Throughput
  • Networked Compatible


  • Biometrics Scanners – Fingerprint & Facial
  • Auxiliary Readers- RFID, Barcode, Passport
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Weapon Detection