Going through a security screening checkpoint can be an intimidating and slow process. LINEV Systems, Inc. the leader in innovative X-ray screening technology has developed the first of its kind. A friendly threat detection solution for entrances to schools, public establishments-Stadiums, Schools, Concert Venues. The BV STREAM  with  Artificial Intelligence (AI) software to aid in the inspection process in reducing human error when screening. The “friendly” exterior makes the overall more welcoming.


  • 2x scanning speed in comparison with traditional baggage systems
  • LINEV unique Artificial intelligence (AI) detection software
  • Remote image monitoring through WI-FI
  • Intuitive user interaction and navigation
  • Approachable customizable exterior design


  • Higher Probability of Detection-Lower False Positive Alarms
  • Increased Throughput
  • Reduced Operator Strain
  • Reduced Stress on Public with approachable design

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  • Removable Custom Image Wrapping of Corporate, Mascot, or School Logo

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